Grey Lady, by Paul Kemprecos

paul_kemprecos_grey_lady_iconThere’s something about a detective story that’s told in the first person.  When it’s done right, it just works.  That is, hands down, the case with Grey Lady.  But it’s far more than you classic who done it? mystery.  It’s also a wild ride with a riveting plot that pulls you in at the start and keeps you locked locked within the pages for the duration.  Everything centers around a character named Aristotle Socarides, better know as “Soc” to his friends and adversaries alike.  And while this is book 7 in a series, that shouldn’t prevent anyone from jumping into the series right here.  I haven’t read the earlier books yet (Though they have all been added to my to-read list now).

This a tale of murder, a rich man’s mental break with reality, and the search for the great white whale immortalized by Herman Melville.  What do all of these things have in common?  Not a single thing, unless you’re Paul Kemprecos.  But for an author with his pedigree, they’re the base ingredients for a fantastic mystery thriller than involves lost American history, scrimshaw, hive based drone technology, and cannibalism.

Are you hooked yet?  Just mix in that classic detective flair that can only come from a novel written in the first person and you’ve got a first class, five star novel on your hands.  If you haven’t read any of the six previous Aristotle Socarides books yet, don’t work.  Start with book 7, Grey Lady.  You won’t be disappointed.  In fact, you’re almost guaranteed to find your next six favorite books in the process.

You can find Grey Lady on, Barnes & Noble, and wherever you can still find a fully functioning retail brick-and-mortar book store. has a great page on Paul Kemprecos, but Paul’s web page is still the number one place to learn about is latest projects.

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