Google Earth, Now for Mac OS!

So far this month, we have seen both CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and MacWorld Expo.  Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Google made an announcement that is of great importance to the Mac community.  Though the announcement was big, news of it seems to have taken a back seat to other headlines.

On Tuesday, January 10 Google announced that Google Earth is finally leaving its beta stage.  PC users have had access to a beta version for some time.  But with the official release of this software, Google finally makes the Macintosh version publicly available.  No more scavenging the web in a hit or miss search for sites that might still offer the pirated copy.  Now, just visit and download the final release!

If you had a chance to play with the pirated version, you will see a great deal more refinement in the final release.  While most of the features were intact in the previous version, this version has a more polished feel.  And, if you had the pleasure of using the Windows version in the past, be sure to download the newly updated version.


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