Google Earth Now a Universal Binary

Google has released an update to the Mac version of Google Earth.  The latest version offers a more refined user interface, and is also a Universal Binary.  Now running native on Intel based Mac systems, users will see a performance gain as the application now seems better optimized for the platform.

Those familiar with previous releases of Google Earth will first notice that the navigation controls have moved.  Once located in their own space along the bottom edge of the map, the controls are now simplified and overlaid the surface of the map itself.

Other updates and refinements include:

  • SketchUp integration
  • embedded Navigator interface (top-right, overlaying the 3D view)
  • Localized client to French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Textured 3D Model files can be loaded (Collada XML file format)
  • Layers: new Core/All/”Now Enabled” views
  • Press the ‘/’ key to access Search from full screen mode
  • Scale Legend
  • Full resolution imagery across entire screen
  • Terrain quality preference setting
  • Improved Garmin GPS device support
  • Toolbar (replaces navigation panel previously shown below the 3dview)
  • Diagonal arrow-key navigation (up arrow + left arrow simultaneously)
  • Menus have been reorganized with new names, locations and shortcuts

As in the past, Google Earth is still available in a free version while those willing to pay will enjoy greater functionality.  Download the update today!

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