Google Adds Support is a great source for technology news.  It makes it easy to keep up on the latest headlines.  Rather than publishing entire stories on, Digg users simply submit a brief synopsis of the story and a link to the original article.  Other Digg users then browse the site and, if they like the story, they Digg it.  Digging a story is done simply by clicking the Digg icon beside the stories summary.  Every user’s digg is essentially a vote for the story.  The more votes that the story receives, the higher it climbs on the list of most newsworthy stories.  The higher the story moves on the list, the more people see the story.  This insures that users can easily find and view the most popular content.

To the users of, this is old news.  For the initiated, Digg has added a powerful new feature… Google.  Well, maybe it’s more accurate to reverse the statement, as it’s actually Google that has added support for  It is now possible for Google users to add results the existing Google search result pages.  Sound a confusing?  It is a little, until you understand how it works.

In order to use the new functionality users must have to have a Google account.  If you already have Gmail, you’re set.  Otherwise, create an account by clicking here.  Next, users need to login into their Google account.  Visit and click the link in the upper right corner of the screen to do this.  The new Digg functionality can only be added to the Google search results of users who are logged into their Google account.  Finally, visit this link and click the subscribe button.

Once these simple steps are followed, users search Google as they normally would.  The only difference is that, in addition to the normal Google search results returned, the top of the page will also contain the results for the same keyword phrase run against  Simply, painless, and useful!

This functionality is not unique to Digg.  Other sites have implemented similar functionality using Google Co-Op program.  Co-Op is Google’s API to allow external information to be added to Google search results.  To date, Digg’s implementation seems the most powerful use of this functionality as Digg already includes a massive amount of information that only stands to enhance Google’s search results.


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