Gmail Available to Public!

Gmail LogoGoogle has taken its time getting Gmail ready for public use, but this morning it finally happened!  Now anyone can sign up for a Gmail address.  Accounts are no longer available through invitation only.

At the same time, Google added a powerful new feature to Gmail that lets users alter the From address that appears in an email sent through Gmail.

Consider this example.  Your primary email account is  You have a secondary email account with Gmail. Simply set the custom From address to your primary account (  Then, when you send a message using the Gmail web interface for your account, the recipient’s reply will be directed to your primary account (, rather than going back to your Gmail account.

This way, you can continue checking your primary account as you normally would, and you no longer have to worry about checking your Gmail account to watch for the reply to the message you sent through Gmail.

This is ideal for anyone does not use Gmail as their primary account, but uses the convenient Gmail web page to send email from time to time.

Check out the setup instructions here.

Be sure to take a look at some of Gmail’s other great features.  One of them is free POP3 access.  This means you can set up a standard email client like Apple Mail, or Outlook Express to check your Gmail account.  You never have to use the Gmail web page again. Yahoo charges for the feature, but with Gmail, its free!

Gmail has also take a unique approach to blocking spam.  The methodology used is beyond the scope of this article, but it really is one of the best spam filters I have ever tested.  I have been using Gmail for over a year and it has only ever had one false positive, and has blocked a ton of spam.

For a more complete list of features, check out this link.

Gmail is an exceptional convenience.  And, thanks to Google, it is constantly improving and is free to the world!  Check it out today!


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