Gateway Setup Assistant in OS X 10.5 Server

I was flipping through some documentation of 10.5 server today and found something that will interest a lot of people. has hosted a great deal of discussion on Mac VPN solutions as well as the ability to use OS X Server to manage the network.  It looks like Apple has been paying attention to such discussion and was refining the existing feature set as 10.5 was developed.

Leopard server (10.5) will include a new utility called the Gateway Setup Assistant.  From what I have read, the idea is to finally make it easy to use OS X Server as the router on a home or office network.  The assistant promises to streamline the setup DHCP, DNS, Firewall, and even VPN configurations.

The concept is pretty simple.  As many users have found out in their quest for a powerful, flexible, and easy to use VPN solution, the configuration can be complicated.  Apple intends to make it easy.

Check out this page on the provides some preliminary tastes of what 10.5 will have to offer when it is released.  And, be sure to check back here shortly after the release for updated info as we work with the new features and explore the changes.


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