Front Row Enabler 1.0.1

We have already done a couple of posts detailing how to install Front Row 1.0 on unsupported Macs.  This week, Apple released Front Row 1.0.1, and it contains a number of bug fixes.  Needless to say, this requires a new hack.

Jackson Brown has made it easier than ever before to enable Front Row on unsupported Macs (any Mac other than the latest iSight integrated iMacs).  Simply download Front Row Enabler 1.0.1 and follow the instructions carefully.  The cool part about this hack is that it uses the components from Apple’s own installer, then patches the resources to allow it to work on unsupported systems.

You will need Charles Srstka’s Pacifist in order to extract the necessary resources from the Apple Front Row 1.0.1 installer.  But, once you have the Front Row components and manually placed them in the correct locations on your system, you simply reboot and then run Front Row Enabler 1.0.1.  When you are done, Front Row should be fully functional on your system.

I would have posted about this earlier, but I wanted to install the new version and test it before passing the word on to others.  It’s working great on my PowerBook 15″ 1.25GHz, and from what I am reading elsewhere on the web, others have had great luck as well.  Just be very careful when manually installing the components.  Don’t simple overwrite entire directories.  If you do, you will be eliminating necessary components from your system and it will likely lead to the end of all things!


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    It seems that Front Row 1.0.1 is no longer available as all the sites I have tried come back with broken links. If I don’t install 1.0.1 first as the warning message advises the finder will not allow any other version to run.

    Welcome any input



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