Flip4Mac 2.1 Goes Universal

Telestream, makers of Flip4Mac, have released the first Universal Binary version of its Windows Media compatible software.  Version 2.1 adds a number of features, not the least of which is native support on Apple’s new Intel based Macintosh systems.  Other features include export optimizations for PPC based Macs, and the ability for authors to disable the “save as” feature in web browsers.

Earlier this year, Microsoft officially abandoned Macintosh support for its antiquated Windows Media Player for Mac.  While this was the first time Microsoft made that official announcement, the companies intent had been clear to Mac users for some time.  The Mac version of the media player had lagged far behind its Windows counterpart and had already started falling into obscurity by the time Microsoft made the announcement detailing the products official demise.

At the same time, Telestream was selling Flip4Mac as a standalone product.  After Microsoft abandoned Windows Medial Player for Mac, the Flip4Mac player product was made free to anyone who wanted to download it. Telestream continues to charge for the version of the product the actually encodes Windows Media compatible content.

Since Telestream essentially took over this are of the market, Flip4Mac has continued to evolve and had become an increasingly useful product.  With 2.1’s addition of Universal Binary support, all Mac users once again have access to Windows Media content (though many still play Windows Media content reluctantly).

If you have yet to install the Flip4Mac player, download it from Flip4Mac.com now for free.  It’s one software package that no Mac user should surf the web without.


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