Finally… Spellchecking in Firefox!

Today, the internet is all about interaction.  People communicate, be it through email, chat, forums, VoIP, or video.  And when people interact, it is important for them to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently.  An important part of self expression is proper spelling.  Far too often this is overlooked.  People think that it is more important to get their message out than it is to spend the necessary time on spelling and communicate clearly.

With technology helping us in so many ways, it seems silly to allow spelling errors.  Most word processors incorporate powerful spellcheckers than not only show us when we have made an error, but actually go so far as to suggest possible spelling corrections.  This is also the case with many mail and chat programs.  As you type, they actively evaluate the text that has been entered and mark it up to show errors in real time.

With more and more applications spellchecking our text as we type, the web has become a more polished environment for people to express themselves.  Unfortunately, not all web browsers currently incorporate spellchecking.  This is the case with Firefox 1.5.  In its default installation there is no support for spellchecking.  That is where SpellBound comes in.

SpellBound is a extension for Firefox and it adds powerful and much needed support to the web browser.  SpellBound is a SourceForge project which means it is open source and constantly evolving.  To install, just visit this link and click download.  You will be taken to a page that explains how to install the Firefox extension.

Once the extension is installed, SpellBound will evaluate your spelling as you type in text fields.  This is a powerful feature for bloggers as well as anyone who might post to a web forum.

Other Mac browsers have included spellchecking for some time.  Apple’s Safari browser has had the feature since its 1.0 release.  Unfortunately, active spellchecking is not turned on by default.  You must go to the Edit menu, select Spelling, and then select Check Spelling As You Type.  Of course you can spell check at any time by hitting Command+;.

In this day and age, there is no excuse for poor spelling.  It looks unprofessional and undermines the value of your content.  It is actually a disappointment that Firefox does not include its own support for such rudimentary feature.  On the up side, rumor has it that Firefox will add its own support for spellchecking in the upcoming 2.0 release do out sometime next year.  Until then, SpellBound provides the much needed support.


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