eBay to Acquire Skype for $2 Billion?

I don’t think I am the only one who is missing the point of this acquisition.  Reportedly, eBay is in talks with Skype founders to purchase Skype for $2,000,000,000!  The goal is to let eBay users communicate verbally with each other, rather than through email.

Aside from language barriers, eBay plans to charge for the interaction.  And, while eBay is in a good position to use PayPal to deal with the transactions, one question remains.  Why would anyone pay to make a Skype call when they have always had the ability to do it for free?

The entire arrangement seems to be a little out of control.  Even if eBay has a business model prepared that will make financial sense, does it make 2 billion dollars worth of sense?  This kind of whacked out .com spending is what led to the technology crash last time.  Are we headed there again?

Checkout this story from Macworld.com.


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