Doom 3 Universal Binary: How Does it Compare?

With the latest games showing up as Universal Binaries, it’s interesting to see how the new iMac Core Duo compares to the previous iMac G5.  The makers of Doom 3 released a Universal Binary last night, and now we can compare its performance to the G5’s.


Running in Rosetta on a 1.83GHz 17″ iMac: 19.3 fps
Running the Universal Binary on a 1.83GHz 17″ iMac: 61.8 fps
Compare that to the scores on an 2.1GHz G5 20″ iMac: 48.2 fps
Or a PowerMac G5 “Quad” 4×2.5GHz: 74 fps

Once again we see that Core Duo processors offer a distinct advantage over the single processor G5.  Sure, the Quad processor G5 comes out on top, but given the price versus performance relationship of these scores, the iMac becomes quite a bargain!  This also makes me wonder how a quad processor Intel Mac might score.

If you want to download the Universal Binary for Doom 3, you can get it here.

If you are interested in seeing how Unreal Tournament 2004 faired in a similar test, check out this link.


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