Disk Drill Pro: Data Rescue for the Mac

Here’s a great file recovery tool to keep handy in your bag of tricks.  Disk Drill is a tool that makes it possible to recover files from corrupted media.  Specifically, and of most interest to me was a corrupted SD memory card that I had a number of photos saved to.  I could not get my Mac to recognize the memory card even though the photos appeared to be intact when viewed in the camera.  The memory card was clearly acting flaky, and in one instance the Mac did mount the card and show me a few of the photos but the majority were invisible on the media.  Something was clearly wrong with the disk.  This is one of the places where Disk Drill comes it.  In many cases it makes it possible to recover the files from flakey or damaged media.

Disk Drill was able to recover the photos in the case of my messed up memory card.  I’m still not sure what the actual issue was with the media.  After a reformat the media seemed to be back in working order so it does not seem to be a physical problem with the memory card.  But Disk Drill, in my case, Disk Drill Pro, did the trick and saved the day.

Disk Drill is available in multiple versions including Basic, Pro, Expert, and Enterprise.  The Basic version is free and a great offering from the company because it can be used to scan the media in question.  While it can recover partitions to a disk image, it is not possible to recover HFS, HFS+, FAT, or NTFS  volumes without using the paid version.  Fair enough since it will scan for free and give the user a sense of whether the data will be recoverable.  Consider it a free test run.  Users only lay down their hard earned green if they have reason to believe their data might be recoverable.  I consider this a fair trade.

As I mentioned, there is a free Basic version available for download.  It’s a great way to kick the tires and see what you think of the utility.  Some of the more powerful features take a proactive approach toward data recovery in that the utility installs a service on the Macintosh that actively works to keep data recoverable in the event of a media error.  Checkout Cleverfiles.com for more info on Disk Drill and some of the tools more advance data saving features.

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  1. Prosoft is Data Rescue Reply

    There is only one true Data Rescue for the Mac:


  2. smanke Reply

    I have used Data Rescue in the past. It’s another great tool. It didn’t do the trick on my memory card, but it is another great Mac disk utility.

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