Democracy Player Updated

Democracy Player was released this afternoon.  The new version provides a multitude of bug fixes and now uses significantly less memory. is said to require 50-75% less RAM that the previous release.  In addition, the new release is also much faster.

For the unfamiliar, Democracy aims to be something of an internet based TV set.  Democracy Player uses RSS and Bit torrent to aggregate podcasts and other web based audio and video content into one easy to use application.  The application not only makes it easy to find the content, but takes care of watching for updated content as well.  Simply subscribe to your favorite syndicated webcast using its RSS link and all of the new episodes are automatically downloaded.

Over time, Democracy has seen a great deal of evolution.  The product has become more stable and useful with each release.  And for a pre 1.0 release, the application shows a great deal of promise.  The easing up on its memory requirements makes this updated a milestone release.  Now is truly the best time to take a look at the software if you are downloading for the first time.  If you’ve used Democracy in the past, it might be time to take another look.  Download it and try it for your self today at

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