Democracy Player Gets an Update has released an update to the Democracy Player.  The update is substantially more stable than previous releases and is now available in two Mac versions.  Rather than release a Universal Binary version of the player, the developers have opted to provide two separate versions, one for PPC machines and one for Intel based systems.

The current release is 0.8.5 and it is a welcome upgrade.  The software performs much more efficiently on new Intel based systems.

For the uninitiated, Democracy Player is a vidcast aggregator.  It makes it easy to keep up to date with the growing number of video podcasts available on the web.  Some compare it to the vidcast functionality currently built into Apple’s iTunes, but Democracy actually includes some powerful features not offered by Apple.  For one, the Democracy Player includes a bittorrent client.  This offers a powerful alternate means of content acquisition that benefits the content creator as much as it does the viewer.  Additionally, Democracy makes it much easier to subscribe to any available RSS based vidcast.  iTunes favors content listed in Apple’s iTunes Music Store indexes while Democracy makes it easy to simply specify the RSS feed address of any content and lets users sit back and wait for content.

At a time when so called IPTV based content is growing in popularity, the Democracy Player is leading the way in content aggregation.  It is simple and powerful software that plays just about any media format currently available.  It’s easy for a beginner to learn, and powerful enough to keep advanced users interested.  And now it’s been optimized for Apple’s powerful new line of Intel based Macs.

It’s worth noting that the Democracy Player is available on multiple platforms including the Mac, Windows, and Linux.  Visit and download your copy today.  The software is donationware, so users only pay if they feel it’s worth the investment.


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