Daniel Suarez: Daemon

I really enjoyed this book.  The story was interesting, and largely plausible if you really understand the technology being employed.  Plus, being someone who is technically aware, I thought the author did an amazing job of employing current internet based concepts to build a story that is simply a great read.

The story centers around a massively multi-player game analogous to WoW (World of Warcraft).  The developer of the game dies before the story begins.  When he dies, it triggers hidden code in the game that runs as a distributed daemon service on a botnet spread across the planet.  Without giving the plot away, the story is extremely engaging and uses social engineering, security exploits, spiders, and the internet to take a really fresh look at what could really happen to our world if current technologies were properly manipulated.

Where many fiction authors would have chosen to make the daemon an artificial intelligence and give it the ability to select its own destiny, manipulate other technology and the people who use it, Suarez came up with a creative and believable alternative scenario.  The computer program doesn’t have to have its own intelligence if the person laying out the script is capable of envisioning endless scenarios and probable outcomes.  Who better to devise such a program than a successful game developer?  After all, that’s what game developers ultimately do.

This book is a must read for anyone who really digs into technology.  The writer was well versed in the material and does an incredible job of centering the story in the manipulation of technology rather that just using buzz words to help sell the overall plot.  In this book, the technology really does make the overall concept plausible.

One word of warning.  Don’t expect resolution and the end of the book.  It looks like this is simply book 1 in a series.  It left me wishing book 2 was already waiting on my shelf.

Daemon is available now.  Click here to order from Amazon.com.


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