Cursed Blessing by J.M. Leduc

cursed_blessing_90pixThe Endowment, a responsibility passed down through time to protect what we known as the fountain of youth.  This was a very good book with a great plot, suspense, and action.  But I offer a word of warning.  The book goes on something of a Jesus bender starting at about the 33% mark.  All of a sudden nearly all of the characters start talking or thinking about their savior and praying a lot.

So, this would be the kind of thriller ideal for a church book club or a reader of very similar faith.  For others, the shifting of gears might be a little jaring.

That said, the plot and characters are strong and a lot of fun.  There is a strong backstory that grows and expands to strengthen the present day plot.  Woven together, this shows J.M. Leduc’s skill as an author.  Perhaps best of all, this is just book one in the series.  So, if you like it, there’s plenty more where that came from!

You can read more from J.M. Leduc on his blog at  More information on Cursed Blessing in Kindle format can be found here.

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