ColdFusion 7 Now on Mac OS X 10.4!

This morning, Macromedia announce that Mac OS X Tiger is now supported by ColdFusion MX 7.  This has been a long time coming, and to be honest, I had about given up on the release.  The support has been rumored for years now.  Today the support was finally announced.

Having run ColdFusion on Linux as well as Windows for years, I have longed for the day when I could serve my sites from a Mac.  I have looked at the Mac’s built-in support for PHP with silent admiration.  And, since I am not a fan of PHP, all I could do was wait and hope.  Granted, PHP is free and ColdFusion is far from it.  That being said, I am elated at this release.

Since support for the Mac is new, Mac users will need to download the trial version of ColdFusion MX 7 from  Once the demo is installed, just enter your existing serial number, you will be off and running.  I have the installer downloading as I write this!

The following is a excerpt from the Macromedia page detailing the new installer for the Mac:
How can I obtain the Mac OS X installers?
The new Mac OS X installers are only available as downloads from our trial download site. Once downloaded, you must enter your ColdFusion MX 7 serial number to enable production use of your server. Download the Mac OS X installer now.

More news to follow as I have a chance to actually evaluate the product.

Checkout the press release here.
Download the demo from here.


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