Chicago Outlaws Cell Phone Usage

Reading this story, it seems that the law only applies inside of Chicago city limits. It would be nice if the law applied state wide.

First of all, it seems silly to pass such a law from one city to the next. It seems ready to take advantage of unsuspecting motorists whom only travel to the city from time to time. How are they expected to know that the law has been passed? If signs are posted everywhere, this should not be an issue. I suppose only time will tell. But making this law apply state wide just seems more fitting.

I am a frequent cell phone user. Some of that time applies to me while I am in the car. It seems an ideal time to get some of the calls out of the way. Since my driving time is down time, as far as I am concerned, why not get something else done.

At the same time, I am constantly in danger from people who are talking on their phones and not paying attention to the speed zone, traffic, or people around them. I would be happy to see this law passes state wide. I am tired of people’s lack of concentration when they are behind the wheel.

When I am in the car, I keep a wireless headset within reach. I even switched phone services from Verizon to Cingular since Cingular has much wider support for wireless headsets. And, with modern technology like hands free systems that can be wired into the car, it only makes sense to put safety first.

Some people consider any form of cell phone usage a danger when behind the wheel. On this, I disagree. When I am driving and using a headset while on the phone, I am no more distracted than than I might be by a passenger in the car beside me. In fact, I believe it is even safer to conduct a conversation over the phone than it would be with someone beside me. At least when I am speaking on the phone, I am never tempted to look over at the person I am speaking with in order to make eye contact.

In any case, that is my two cents!


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