Chax: Add Missing Features to iChat

iChat is a tried and true Chat application.  It has powerful audio and video conferencing features and is a fundamental component of OS X.  But for all of its power and all of its features, iChat has many shortcomings.

That’s where Chax comes.  It adds a series of powerful features that iChat lacks.  Ever wish iChat would remember the positions of your chat windows between launches?  Chax can do that.  Have you ever wanted iChat to automatically accept incoming attachments without asking for confirmation?  Chax can do that.  When someone messages you an image or pdf file, have you ever wanted to double click on the file and have it open full screen so that it can be easily viewed?  Chax can do that!

Chax can do all of that and more…

User list:

  • Address Book nicknames
  • Animated user icons
  • Custom fonts
  • Hide AV status icon
  • Hide iTunes links
  • Hide windows when inactive
  • Idle time in tooltips
  • Mobile user warning
  • Screen name selection
  • Text status visibility

Message windows:

  • Auto-accept text chats
  • Auto-reply once
  • Hide smiley buttons
  • Preview integration
  • Save window positions
  • Show status changes


  • Activity window
  • Always on top
  • Auto-accept file transfers
  • Auto-away
  • Automatic reconnect
  • Confirm quit
  • Custom away reply
  • Disable picture-in-picture
  • ICQ formatting fixed
  • Log viewer
  • New message notifications
  • New window cascading
  • Send files during AV chats

It’s an extensive list of features and each one of them accomplishes something that iChat currently does not.  For example, at home my iChat constantly falls off line.  Chax has a feature that will force iChat to automatically reconnect every time it falls off line.

Simply put, if there is a feature that you can’t find in iChat, odds are Chax adds it.  The package is easy to install and even easier to use.  The new features appear in the iChat preferences window.  Best of all, Chax is free.  Download Chax now, and try it for yourself!


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