Brother Printers True to OS X 10.4

Brother sets what might be a new record in updating its drivers to support Mac OS X 10.4.

I had contacted Brother about support from 10.4 about 2 weeks prior to 10.4’s public release.  Brother tech support informed me that I could expect updated drivers in 4-5 weeks.  In desperation, I checked the Brother web site on April 30th.  I need to use the scanner for some photos that my wife was playing with.  To my surprise, only one day after the public release of 10.4, Brother had already posted the new drivers!

When I purchased the Brother 210C in November of 2004, I was shocked at how Mac orientated their drivers were.  Before the 210C, I had and HP all in one printer.  HP’s Mac support was tragic, verging on criminal.  I had never seen drivers that took that much processor power or memory just to kick out a single page of text.

Brother’s drivers, on the other hand, are fast and functional.  I can scan, print, and fax from my Mac.  If I want to make a copy, I can do that right at the printer.  I was, and still am, very impressed!

Keep up the good work, Brother!


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