A Video Guide to Upgrading the MacBook Pro

What do you do if your are a hard core Mac head and you are lucky enough to already have a MacBook Pro in your hot little hands?  While you wait for Apple to release their Pro apps and while you curse Adobe for their unwillingness to port Creative Suite 2 to the Intel chipset, you might want to consider upgrading your laptop.

In the time it takes most people to install the latest and greatest software on their new computer, the folks over at OWC have already created an installation video for anyone looking to upgrade their new hardware.  The guide details the disassembly of the laptop as well as the installation of memory, a hard drive, and a new optical drive.

The thorough and informative video provides a wealth of information for anyone who is considering cracking open the MacBook Pro.  OWC’s Jamie Dresser does a great job of narrating while he walks us through the installation process.  Check out the video here.


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