Apple to Open Second Campus

Apple made new headlines yesterday when it officially announced plans to build a second campus in Cupertino, California.  The new facility will rest on 50 acres of land that were cobbled together from smaller properties.  The property alone is reported to have cost Apple $160 million and includes parcels purchased from companies such as HP.  By the time Apple completes construction of its new facility in an estimated four years, it is possible for Apple to have spent as much as $500 million.

It goes without saying that Cupertino is one of the most bustling property markets in the country with only 7.7% of the areas offices vacant.  Apple’s conviction to remain near its primary campus was a costly one.  So why spend the money?

Apple currently has employees is as many as 30 different office buildings around Cupertino.  Putting everyone under one roof can do wonders for communication and encourages interaction.  And, as we all know, Apple is known for its corporate paranoia— err… security.  Putting its entire staff in one location allows Apple to tighten up its internal security even further.

Reports indicate that Apple’s new campus will shelter as many as 3,500 employees.  Considering the style and flare Apple has shown in its designs for the now multiplying Apple Stores, it seems obvious that the architecture of the new campus will be something unique and interesting.  But don’t expect to see building plans leaked to the public.  Word is that Apple has been as tightlipped about the new campus as it has about any of its other new projects.  As it stands, it will be hard enough to keep Microsoft’s geek squad from bugging the place before construction is complete!  :-)


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