Apple Releases Mightymouse

Apple is finally offering a multi-button mouse.  They call it Mightymouse.  And, in typical fashion, it’s not a conventional mouse.  The left and right buttons are there, but they are not visible.  The mouse senses the click though the surface of the mouse and the scroll wheel has been replaced with a ball that allows 360 degree scrolling.

Apple Mightymouse In addition to these features, there a two more buttons… One located on either side of the mouse.  Effectively, the mouse has four buttons but still looks like the past Apple single button mice.  Its an interesting idea and I see things that I like and don’t like.  I like the fact that the mouse is optical.  On the other side, I am not sure I care for the shape of the mouse.  I was never a fan of the last iteration of the mouse.  For that reason, I reserve judgment until I actually have a chance to test the mouse for an extended period of time.

Simply put, Apple is trying to reinvent the mouse.  The company has tried this sort of thing before.  Maybe this time Apple will get it right!  Nonetheless, the mouse was only released this morning so time will tell.


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