Apple Releases Front Row

Music, Photos, Videos, DVD’s, and a remote control… Since the release of the Mac Mini, people have been dreaming of a way to integrate the Mini into their entertainment center.  Now, with the release of Front Row, the Mini has a new home.

Front Row is a media center style control center for the Mac.  It makes it easy to play iTunes music, watch movie trailers, play photo slideshows, and watch DVD’s from across the room with a remote control.  It has the power to make the media on your Mac available for viewing from across the room.

So what’s the catch?  Well, based on the demonstration Steve Jobs gave today, the Front Row comes only on the new iMac.  At least for the time being.  The remote comes bundled with the iMac.  If you dig into Apple’s site, you find that you can purchase the remote control for $29.00 and it will ship in 2-3 weeks.  So what about the rest of the Macs?  I want to use the remote and Front Row with my Mini!  You read my mind.

For now, we can only presume that Front Row and the remote control will work with other Macs.  Rumor has it that the remote is Bluetooth based.  If that is the case, the remote should work with any Mac.  All we need is Front Row.  Presumably, Front Row will ship with all new Macs, but Jobs simply did not mention the fact.

For now, details are sketchy.  Check in coming days for more info as it becomes available.  I foresee a integration with Elgoto’s EyeTV in the near future.  Once that happens, the Mac will finally become a full fledged media center and a true center for Apple’s digital hub.

In other news, Apple has finally released an iPod that can play video.  The new remote control is also supposed to work with the iPod and let users control the iPod from across the room, thanks to the new dock.

It’s no coincidence that these new products are being released in time for the holiday season.  It is my expectation that it will be a very Apple Christmas!


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