Apple Adds Support for 802.11a Wireless

Apple announced a new Intel processor based iMac’s and PowerBook’s (now called MacBook Pro) at MacWorld last week.  As part of the product demonstration, Phil Schiller (Apple Vice President) joined an video iChat session with Steve Jobs from a wireless MacBook Pro.  Schiller was sitting out in the audience watching the keynote address with the rest of the press and the Mac faithful.

According to a story posting on, Schiller was connecting to iChat via an 802.11a access point in order to avoid signal overlap with all of the 802.11g access points on the show floor. reports that Apple silently added support for 802.11a to the new Intel based Mac models.

It is unclear how far Apple intends to take support for 802.11a.  Since it is not compatible with any of Apple’s wireless devices, it seems this support has only been added for compatibility sake.  Apparently Apple does not intend to add 802.11a to its standard roadmap at this time.

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