Angels & Demons, Dan Brown, and The Lost Symbol

I’m currently rereading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown in preparation for the movie to opens May 15th.  I originally read it when it was first released but thought it was a good chance for a refresher prior to seeing the film.  I have to say, I’m enjoying it as much the second time as I did the first.

I’ve been a fan of Dan Brown since the release of his first book, Digital Fortress.  And while Brown really became a household name with the release of The Da Vinci Code, I would recommend any of his books.  Deception Point was a great thriller.  Though I doubt it will make it to the big screen, it would make a riveting movie.

The Lost Symbol is the next book Brown is set to release.  I would have bet money on it being set for release along side the theatrical release of Angels & Demons but it seems that is not the case.  While the film will hit the big screen in May, The Lost Symbol is due for release September.  That struck me as a massive miss when it comes to marketing opportunities.

The missed opportunity was really eating at me.  It seems logical that there must be a reason the book and the film are not being released more closely together.  Especially given the literary and theatrical release of The Da Vinci Code.  Why not tie these two events together and ride the wave of excitement.

This morning I realized that it could be the release of Angels & Demons on DVD that will coincide with the release of the new book.  It would be a good arrangement for many of the same reasons.

In the end, only time will tell.  I am excited about the release of the new book.  I am looking forward to the new film.  In the mean time, I am really enjoying my second read of Angels & Demons.

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