An Author’s Interaction with Fans at the Holidays

The holidays are here again and Christmas cards are being traded.  Among the cards that have arrived this year was on from the best selling author, Joseph Finder.  As in years past, Joe sends out cards to those who subscribe to his newsletter.  I think this is an example of an author going above and beyond to make a special connection with his reading audience.  Certainly any author worth his salt has a mailing list that can be used to alert fans to the release of a new book or the schedule of an upcoming book signing.  But how many authors take the time (or go to the expense) of sending out holiday cards?  Talk about going the extra mile!

A special note in this years card described how Joe had the good fortune of taking part in Operation Thriller, now in its third year.  Operation Thriller III was a USO tour of the Middle East with best selling authors including Kathleen Antrim, Michael Connelly, Brad Meltzer, Andy Harp, and Joseph Finder.  Read more about the tour here.

Joe’s holiday card contained a note that explained how much he enjoyed the experience.  It also mentioned that he had made a holiday donation to the Wounded Warrior Project in honor of his readers (

I thought the consideration of the holiday card combined with the sentiment he shared over his experience taking part in Operation Thriller III made for a powerful message.  Joe has been among of my favorite authors for many years.  But it’s the humanity Joe shows at times like this that makes him worthy of respect as a man and not just as an writer.

Interested in photos from Operation Thriller III?  Try Joe’s photo gallery:


The card: Santa fast roping from a helicopter!

Update: 12/20/12 4:22pm
Joe just posted a new link on Facebook.  This post on has some great photos and more info from Operation Thriller III.

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    Good stuff, Steve!

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