Adobe to Replace Golive with Dreamweaver in CS3

A friend of mine just emailed with a link to a post he read on The Unofficial Apple Weblog.  That post actually referred to a story posted on The Mac Observer.  It was amusing to back trace the story that far, but it shows that the web is still all about linking.  In any case, the story explained that Adobe has announced its intention to abandon Golive and replace it with Dreamweaver when Creative Suite 3 is released in early 2007.

To anyone one fluent in Golive, this is heart-breaking news.  While Golive has its quirks and shortcomings, hardcore users have become use to them.  And, to anyone skilled in using Adobe products, the interface for Dreamweaver can be somewhat jarring.  While Dreamweaver’s interface has been refined in recent years, some might recall what it was like five years ago.  The applications interface looked almost alien in origin and was incredibly difficult to use.

Admittedly, I was once a hardcore proponent of Golive.  It did the job and it did it well.  Two years ago I made the switch to Dreamweaver and never looked back.  Golive’s features had languished and Adobe seemed uninterested in devoting effort to its development.  Simply put, Dreamweaver stepped up and started eating Golive’s lunch.  Many professionals found themselves willing to jump ship and learn a new application to take advantage of more sophisticated technologies like CSS and server side meta tags.

With this news, I am betting that the remaining professionals are becoming despondent at the thought of being forced to learn Dreamweaver.  To those people, I can only offer a word of moral support.  You put up a good fight, but Golive’s time has come and gone.  Dreamweaver might be a different animal, but its worth the time and it really is a better HTML editor.  Take the time, you won’t be sorry.  And, thanks to Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, now you have no choice!


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4 Responses to Adobe to Replace Golive with Dreamweaver in CS3
  1. xplora Reply

    Lets hope Adobe do to Dreamweaver CS3 what they did with Indesign vs QuarkXpress, and provide some interface enhancements to help people adjust.

  2. Vibe Reply

    Golive was great, Smartobjects was fantastic, could you ever just drop an Photoshop or illustrator file straight into Dreamweaver?

    I love Golive for this reason it works with the Adobe suite perfectly, you can drop a Print ready image at 300dpi from the graphic you creative for print straight into golive and it rendered it to 72dpi and made it a web ready image.

    I am the owner of a web & graphic design company, and use golive, my advise to Dreamweaver users, buy the Total Training DVD Design to Delivery and see the power of Golive!

  3. Carl Reply

    Since Adobe now have the run of this application ( Dreamweaver CS3 ) do you really think that drag-n-drop of adobe files onto the app will be far off?

    Personally, I found DW VERY easy to learn (ASP) and now Im finding it very easy to take up PHP (in dreamweaver).


  4. smanke Reply


    I’m betting we will see a full range of support for the rest of the Adobe suite.

    That link you provided was great. I hadn’t heard much in the way of details explaining what to expect from the new version of Dreamweaver. Improved CSS, AJAX, and interoperability are just what I was hoping for. That, and official word that CS3 would include Dreamweaver when it ships.

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