Adobe to Continue Development of Golive After All?

It seems there is some confusion about the fate of Adobe Golive.  As reported earlier this week, Adobe announced its intention to discontinue development of the aging HTML editor.  But according to a story from MacCentral, last Wednesday an Adobe representative explained that this is not the case.

Apparently Adobe has plans to further develop both Dreamweaver and Adobe Golive.  This is a strange move on the part of the software developers.  So, why the confusion?  Even Adobe acknowledges that Dreamweaver is more popular the Golive.  And, what’s the point in one company continuing to develop two competing products?

I see two possible explanations for the conflicting reports.  Adobe may have been testing the waters with the initial announcement of Golive’s demise and has since reversed its decision do to customer feedback.  This is possible since Golive, like many Adobe products, is a vital part of many internal corporate workflows.  The second and more likely possibility is that there is some internal confusion at Adobe over this issue, or there is a power struggle is underway between the Adobe and the newly acquired Macromedia engineers.

No matter what the cause, the fate of Golive is surely in question.  This leaves customers to wonder what software will end up a part of Creative Suite 3 when it finally ships.


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