Adobe CS3 Officially Announced!

After a long and painful wait, Adobe Creative Suite 3 is finally visible on the horizon.  As rumors had suggested, Adobe made the announcement yesterday.  And as expected there a number of package based suites designed to suit the needs of creative professionals.  So many, in fact, that its almost painful to select the package that is right for you.

Adobe is somewhat vague in stating the official release date for most of the suites.  In the official press release, product availability is listed simply as April 2007.  According to the official ship date will be April 20th.  The exception to this is that the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium and Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection suites won’t ship until the third quarter of 2007.

There have been a number of rumors surrounding the fate of Adobe GoLive.  Based on the product information available, it appears the GoLive has indeed been discontinued in favor of Dreamweaver.  As a past user of GoLive and a current user of Dreamweaver, I’m actually happy with the official news.  While I liked GoLive, I have found Dreamweaver to be a superior application and far more useful in everyway.

Perhaps the most significant part of the official CS3 release will be the addition of native support for Intel based Macs.  Adobe had gone on record in the past and stated vary clearly that there would be no native support added to CS2.  With CS3 finally on the horizon, Mac users in the creative fields will finally be able to take full advantage of the hardware they have already purchased.  And many creative professionals have actually delayed upgrading to the latest hardware until Adobe announced the shipment of CS3.  In that respect, the shipment of CS3 might actually be a large benefit to Apple’s own sales figures.

As expected, prices very greatly depending on the product package.  The best way to select the correct package is to consult the imposing Adobe product matrix.

As I mentioned before, is taking product pre-orders as is and  Most of the new Adobe products will ship in late April while a few won’t ship until closer to the end of 2007.  Regardless, April will be the month than many Mac users have been waiting for.  Checkout Adobe’s press release page for more information, and checkout or for more information detailing some of the great new features found in Adobe Creative Suite 3.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I can’t seem to get used to calling the Macromedia products Adobe, it just doesn’t sound right yet. It will be interesting to see where Adobe takes the original Macromedia product lines.

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