Adobe Creative Suite 3 Now Has an ETA is reporting that Adobe is pushing hard to release Creative Suite 3 (CS3) by the end of 2006.  Apparently Apple is working closely on the project in an effort to bring the software to market as soon as possible.  While an exact date has yet to be determined, this is the first encouraging news on the subject.

Previously, Adobe had stated that it would not add support for Apple’s new line of Intel based hardware until it released CS3.  At the same time, Adobe made no estimates as to when that might be.  That was bad news for Apple as it expects to complete the transition of all computer models to Intel based processors by the end of 2006.  But as Photoshop is a staple of the professional community, Apple has little hope of pushing its professional line of machines until the application has been updated.  All current reviews of Intel Core Duo based computers show that Photoshop running in emulation using Rosetta is less than adequate.

Adobe’s quick release of CS3 is critical to the smooth adoption of Apple’s new hardware by the professional community.  It is in Apple’s best interest for Adobe to release the update as soon as possible.  This explains why Thinksecret is reporting that Apple engineers are working closely with Adobe’s developers to bring the product line to market.

An additional benefit might come from the effort, if Thinksecret is correct.  The increased communication with Apple might help Adobe better integrate the features of CS3 with the upcoming and little talked about features of OS X 10.5.  While Adobe will want to keep its applications cross-platform, it is possible that added integration with the Mac OS could help Windows users to transition to the Mac platform.

Regardless of the speculation, one thing is clear.  A universal binary release of Adobe’s product line is critical to the acceptance of Apple’s new hardware.  Apple plans to release universal binary updates to its professional line of video editing products this month.  With the performance increase we have seen from the new hardware, Apple stands to make waves in the professional market.  The key to a smooth transition will soon rest with Adobe.

Checkout Thinksecret’s story here.


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