A 10.4 Blooper

Grabbing the wrong install disc, I accidentally installed OS X 10.4 workstation as an upgrade to OS X 10.3 Server.  Not only was I confused, but the OS was really thrown for a loop.

First of all, I would have hoped that the server version would not look at the client version as an upgrade.  It should at least prompt the user and confirm such an odd maneuver!  But leave it to me to inadvertently test such a theory.  Secondly, I am guessing that there is a very different password hash used in each version.  Following the “upgrade” to 10.4 client, I was unable to login to the box using any of the 8 accounts.

I was using the correct password, but the OS did not see it that way.  And, thanks to a problem I was having with the stock DVD drive on my Sawtooth, I could not install from that drive.  I had initially installed from a FireWire based SuperDrive.  When I tried to boot from the install DVD, the computer would not have it.  I ended up having to pull the stock DVD drive out of the tower and install the SuperDrive before I could boot from the CD and reset the password.

Soon after all of this, I realized that I had turned my server into a workstation.  I then installed 10.4 server over the top of 10.4 client.  This went without issue.  Once I was done, I was not surprised to find that every single DNS record that was configured in 10.3 Server’s DNS server was completely gone!  But after the fast one I pulled on the machine, I was lucky the OS was even running.

So what’s the moral of my story?  Always take a close look at the install CD/DVD before you do an upgrade!  :-)


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